Friday, April 23, 2010

Great Crop Night at Michaels!!!

Wow did we have a blast tonight at Michaels.....instead of trying to tell you about it let me show you some of the fun.....the first three pictures are my card creations....

The pictures actually start from the up; I didn't realize this until they were all downloaded! But anywhoo; you can tell when the night started by looking at the first few pictures and how clean the tables WERE!

In the pictures where someone is holding the pink star wand is the person that finished a project; then you held onto the wand until someone else completed a project or the timer went off. If the wand was still in your possession when the timer went off you WON a prize! I won 2 prizes tonight......LOL..again we had a blast and can hardly wait until next time.


  1. Wow looks like a great time! I have been thinking about checking our crop night out :) Congrats on getting some stuff done AND a prize! WooHOO!

  2. Oh how fun! Congrats on your prizes!! Great cards too.